Our technology, your need

D-Nov has developed a technology based on nano dampers in a vulcanized matrix. With this technology, D-Nov`s can create moldable materials, which absorb shocks and/or vibration energies by high damping and dissipation capability. The absorption coefficient and the loss factor at ambient are up to 3 times better than the best existing technologies on the market.

D-Nov offers this technology in the form of flexible, rigid and/or elastic materials, in solid or foamed form… and most important, materials which will give always smaller, thinner and lighter products, just as you need.

Our service, your product

D-Nov listens to your needs and bring its expertise to your service. Send us your request, we will create the perfect suitable product.

  • We can provide you a prepared to be molded material
  • We can mold it for you
  • We can vulcanize or mold it for you and deliver it in different shapes: slab, film…

Higher absorption capacity, better dissipation value, combined with high strength will give always smaller, always thinner, always lighter products, no matter how flexible or how rigid you want your material.